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Hong Kong Company Incorporation Instruction


  1. Search company name at the Hong Kong Company Registry website. Make sure the name is not taken.
  2. Enter company information into our site.
  3. Paid the service fee using one of the accepted payment methods.
  4. Find a witness. Download, print and sign the documents.
  5. Return / mail the signed documents back to us. You can also visit our office to submit the documents.
  6. Wait for governmental approval. The incorporation process usually takes about 11 days to complete.

Application Requirement

  • Applicant must have valid identification documents in English
  • A mailing address in English
  • Be able to find a witness to witness the signing of the documents. Otherwise visit our office and we will be the witness.

Computer Requirement

  • An email account
  • Adobe Reader (Free Download)
  • Adobe Reader Traditional Chinese Font Pack (Free Download)
  • FireFox (Free Download) or the Internet Explorer web browser
  • An ink-jet printer or laser printer
  • A4 papers (at least 17 pages)

Fee Schedule