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Technological products business consideration

Monday, January 14th, 2013
  1. A good product / service is time-based, therefore, marketing and sale effort should be done well before the release of a product. Which means one should know their clients (literally) before starting a project. A technological product will be out-dated if it is not released on time. We have seen situation in which developers spent all of their time in product development, and did not spent enough time on marketing and sale.
  2. Consider the “freemium” model to test the market . Provide limited service for free, and charge for premium / value-added services.
  3. If you develop mobile apps, consider using multi-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap. Always be prepared to develop for different OS and screen sizes, or even a web-based interface for the desktop computers.
  4. Product release cycle should be shorten to test the market acceptability of different features.