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Registered Office Service with mail scanning

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Please note the following before choosing our registered office service:

  • All banks in Hong Kong can send mails directly to overseas addresses. There is no need to send bank mails to us. Your corresponding address for the bank can be different from the registered address of the company.
  • The Registered Office address belongs to the company and is not intended for personal use.
  • If a mail is over 30g or too large for scanning, we will scan the front of the envelope or the way bill of the mail. Clients will need to arrange pick up of the over-sized mail
    • We do not scan advertisements.

    The Registered Office Service description should read as follow:

    For HKD $800, we will scan only governmental mails.

    For HKD $1,200, we will scan the mails under 30g addressed to the company.

    Our Registered Office service is mostly for business startups. If you want more sophisticated virtual office service, you may want to check out, as some of our clients use their services.