How to own a Hong Kong company and a bank account in 2 days?

So you want to have a Hong Kong company and a bank account. But you don’t live in Hong Kong and you don’t plan to visit here often. What should you do?

The answer for you is: buy a pre-formed shelf company, and open the bank account at HSBC.

While it takes at least 4 days for the government to complete the incorporation process, it takes only one day to transfer a company. So on the first day of your visit, you can own a Hong Kong company.

So why should you open a bank account at HSBC? Suppose you don’t live in Hong Kong, the only way you can operate a Hong Kong bank account is over the Net. Most banks in Hong Kong offer ebanking services, but some of them require you to pick up the ebanking keys personally at the bank one week after account opening. So if you open a bank account at those banks, you need to plan to visit Hong Kong twice.

But HSBC is different. They are willing to give you the ebanking key on the first meeting so that you don’t have to come back one week afterward. That makes life much easier for those who don’t come here often. But there is a catch. Since HSBC is very busy, so you should make an appointment with them at least a week early.

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