After bank account approval

The following instruction is written for the bank account application at the HSBC Causeway Bay Plaza 2 SME Centre.

If you can provide sufficient residential proof and business proof, the bank will approve the application of the business bank account for your new company:

  1. The bank account and ATM card become operational immediately.
  2. The online e-banking account becomes operational in 10 days to 2 weeks

The bank representative would give you a package. The items that require your immediate attention are the ATM card envelope, and the sealed ATM card password envelope.

  1. When you are in front of the bank representative
    1. unseal the ATM card envelope
    2. sign at the back of the ATM card
    3. sign a paper and acknowledge that you have received the ATM card
    4. put the card in your wallet
  2. Put the package in your briefcase or in a bag

After that you leave the SME centre and go down stair to the ground floor. A HSBC branch is located in the same building but on the second floor of the plaza:

  1. Make a right turn after you leave the lobby of the building
  2. Locate the escalator at the corner of the building
  3. Use the escalator to move to the second floor

You will find the HSBC branch right in front of you. Enter the branch and you will notice:

  1. A group of ATMs on your right hand side
  2. A group of automatic cash and cheque deposit machines on your left hand side

You need to change the PIN of your ATM card, so

  1. Line up to use the ATM
  2. Unseal the envelope that contains the password of the card
  3. Come up with a new password

When it is your turn to use the ATM

  1. Insert the card into the machine
  2. Enter the password as indicated on the envelope
  3. Select the language as requested by the machine
  4. Locate “Other Services”, which is on the lower right hand side of the screen, and press the button next to it (not on the screen, this is no touch-screen)
  5. Locate “Change PIN”, which is on the left hand side of the screen, and press the button next to it
  6. Enter the new password
  7. The machine will ask you to confirm the new password by re-entering the new password
  8. After the password is successfully changed, take the card by pressing the red cancel button
  9. Remember to pick up the card (This is important!)

So after you have successfully changed the password, you can go home. If you want to deposit cash into the account, follow the instruction here:

  1. Remember the automatic deposit machine on your left hand side when you entered the branch? Now they are at your back.
  2. Line up to use the deposit machine
  3. Insert card
  4. The machine will not ask you for password. It will eject the card after finishing reading the card
  5. Pick up the ATM card after the machine ejects it
  6. Insert money notes into the machine. You can see a flashing light that shows you the slot that accepts money notes
  7. After you are done, print the receipt. That is.

Sometime the machine does not accept certain notes, probably because there are wrinkles on them, or they are fake. You can retry the automatic deposit by re-inserting the card and re-start the whole process again. Or you can deposit the money by going to the human teller counters.

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