Latest Shelf Company List

Latest pre-formed / shelf company list. If you are interested to purchase a shelf company, please contact us to make a reservation.

Buying a Hong Kong shelf company:

  1. Find a company you like from the latest pre-formed / shelf company list. Note that the companies followed by an “R” have already been reserved.
  2. Contact us to reserve the company. We will reserve the company for you for 3 days.
  3. Make the payment using one of our accepted payment methods.
  4. Email us the information about each entity (director / shareholder):
    1. The names, residential addresses, and passport scans of the directors and shareholders;
    2. % of ownership of each shareholder;
    3. Registered office address
  5. After we have received the payment, we will prepare documents for you
  6. The directors and shareholders must sign the documents.
  7. Return the signed documents back to us. Or you can visit our office to sign the documents.
  8. After we have received the documents, it usually takes about 3 days to complete the transfer process.


  • Each shelf company, including one-year secretary service: HKD $4,500.00 for those formed between 2009/8/1 to 2011/7/31.
  • Registered office service, only forward under 30g governmental mail once a month: HKD $800. Forward all mails under 30g: HKD $1,200.
  • Postage fee (to mainland China): HKD $100.00
  • Postage fee (to an international address): HKD $780.00

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