HSBC account application interview

Very Important: If the company has two or more than two directors, at least two of them must be present at the bank interview.

Once you arrive the HSBC SME Centre, you should:

  • inform the receptionist of your arrival
  • give him the name of your company

then you would wait for the bank manager to meet you. When the manager is available, he would lead you to his office, and ask you for a copy of the incorporation documents

  • Notice the stack of documents fastened by a binder clip in your package that have the words “CERTIFIED TRUE COPY” on them. Give the manager the documents.
  • If you could not find the documents, you should call us, and we would immediately issue another set of certified documents to you for the purpose of account application.

Afterward, the manager would ask for your identification documents, residential proof, and business proof. He would also ask you a few questions and enter the information into the computer. At the end of the interview, he would print out some forms and ask you to sign it. After you sign the forms, the manager would submit the information to another centralized service centre for approval. If your application fulfills all the requirements, your account would be approved and activated immediately

If your application is approved, the manager would give you a banking package. Otherwise he may also give you the package without an activated account. If certain documents were missing, you could mail the manager the missing documents later after the meeting, and he would re-submit the application to the service centre for reconsideration.

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