Regarding the new Business Registration fee

The Hong Kong government has proposed to reduce the total business registration fee by HKD $2,000. If the proposal is approved by the Legislative Council (of that we are 95% certain), the new fee will be effective between April 1st 2008 to March 31 2009.

Accordingly, we will reduce our packages’ prices by HKD $2,000. Note that any shelf company incorporated before April 1st 2008 will not be benefited by the new reduced fee this year. However, the new fee will apply when the business registration is renewed next year.

If you want to enjoy the saving as soon as the new prices take effect, please provide the incorporation information to us now, and return all signed documents and make the payment on or before March 27th, and then we will submit the incorporation documents to the government on March 28th / 31st. Please note that as the whole incorporation system may be stressed out, we may not be able to meet the six-day incorporation goal.

You may want to incorporate the company now:

  • If you want to conduct business immediately;
  • If you have a good name for the company;
  • If you want to avoid potential chaos, as we expect lots of businesses at the beginning of the period.

More information about the new business registration fee can be found here:

Note that if the proposal is rejected or if the reduction is less than the one mentioned above, the prices will remain unchanged or will be adjusted based on the reduction.

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