Making an appointment to open a business bank account at HSBC

  1. Call +852 2748 8238
  2. Select your language. Press “2″ for English
  3. Press “3″ to talk to an operator
  4. Talk to the operator:
    • Operator: “What can I help you?”
    • You: “I want to make an appointment to open a business bank account”
    • Operator: “Where do you want to open the account?”
    • You: “Causeway Bay Plaza Phase 2″
    • Operator: “What time do you want to visit the office?”
    • You: provide the appointment time. It should be between 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
    • Operator: “What is the entity your business?”
    • You: “Hong Kong limited company”
    • Operator: “Do you have the number of the Certificate of Incorporation?”
    • You: provide the CI number. If you don’t have one, just say “I don’t have it.”.
  5. Occasionally the operators are busy. You could leave your phone number, even an overseas phone number, and they would call you later.
  6. After making the appointment, the operator would give you an appointment number. Copy it down and present it to the receptionist when you arrive the office.

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