Opening a Travel Agency in Hong Kong

The steps of using a Hong Kong limited company to set up a Travel Agency are as follow:

  1. The authorized capital should be set to at least HKD $500,000, so there will be an extra governmental fee of HKD $500 or more for the company registration;
  2. All the shares must be assigned, ie, paid-up capital should be at least HKD $500,000. The company will then have at least HKD $500,000 of asset at the time of incorporation;
  3. A letter issued by a Hong Kong CPA / lawyer certifying that HKD $500,000 has been deposited into the company’s bank account. Note that the money can be withdrawn after the TIC membership approval;
  4. If possible, check the company name with the Travel Agents Registry before company registration: +852 2807 1199;
  5. Leasing of an actual office in Hong Kong. While the company can do any business, the office can only operate the travel agency;
  6. If none of the directors have work permits to work in Hong Kong, the company must hire someone who can work legally here;
  7. Read the FAQs here:

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