Hong Kong Limited Company Accounting, Audit, Tax Filing quotation questionnaire

  1. Company name
  2. Principal activities
  3. Total turnover during the period (HK$)
  4. No. of sales during the period
  5. No. of purchases during the period
  6. Value of closing stocks at year end (HK$)
  7. No. of land and buildings/investment properties
  8. No. of motor vehicles
  9. No. of valuable machineries / furniture
  10. No. of debtors as at balance sheet date
  11. No. of creditors as at balance sheet date
  12. No. of subsidiaries and associates
  13. No. of representative offices / branches
  14. No. of bank accounts
  15. No. of bank loans
  16. No. of hire purchase items
  17. No. of employees
  18. No. of commission payees / subcontractors
  19. No. of [1] shareholders and [2] directors
  20. No. of pages of bank statements per month

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