Hong Kong Shelf Company FAQ

Could you forward the link where we could download/see the company registration status.

XXXXXXXX LIMITED is a pre-formed shelf company. Therefore, the Certificate of Incorporation is already in the package. What you need to check is who are the directors and shareholders of the company. You can check the company by going to the Companies Registry website here: Companies Registry Electronic Search Service

  1. Enter the system as an unregistered user
  2. Type in the full name of the company, and then “Search”
  3. Locate “Image Record”, click on “Go”
  4. click the button “Proceed to Document Index”
  5. select “Last 3 Years”, click “Go”
  6. The documents of interest are FSC1 Return of Allotments and FD1 Notification of First Secretary and Director
  7. Add the documents to the shopping cart
  8. Have your credit card ready, follow the direction of the site to pay and download the documents.

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