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Package A Special (offer ends 2016/12/31)

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

From now on until 2016/12/31, our incorporation Package A also comes with a set of company chops (including a signature chop, an invoice chop, and a metal common seal). Instruction:

  1. Select our Package A to incorporate a company;
  2. Follow our incorporation workflow to submit information to us;
  3. Make your payment before application submission to the government or 2016/12/31. Payment Methods
  4. Postage cost:
    1. Pick up at our office: $0;
    2. to Hong Kong and Mainland China: $100;
    3. to other international address: $300

Six-day Hong Kong Incorporation

Monday, February 25th, 2008

As we have already consistently completed the incorporation process (that is, registering a new company, obtaining the Business Registration, and making the company kit) within 6 working days after we receive the signed documents, therefore, we have decided to enhance our performance target to 6 working days.

Combined with our on-line automatic document generation system, which can create incorporation documents in just a few minutes, our customers will definitely have more time to do business than their competitors will - obviously an unfair advantage over the competition.

(Please note that the 6 working days performance target reflects our performance and is not a term of our service) now accepts payment in RMB

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Jinetic Consultants Limited today announced that it will accept bank transfer payment in RMB for its customers in mainland China. The exchange rate of RMB to HKD is 0.95:1. Detailed instruction is available upon request after job submission.