Opening a Travel Agency in Hong Kong

February 2nd, 2010

The steps of using a Hong Kong limited company to set up a Travel Agency are as follow:

  1. The authorized capital should be set to at least HKD $500,000, so there will be an extra governmental fee of HKD $500 or more for the company registration;
  2. All the shares must be assigned, ie, paid-up capital should be at least HKD $500,000. The company will then have at least HKD $500,000 of asset at the time of incorporation;
  3. A letter issued by a Hong Kong CPA / lawyer certifying that HKD $500,000 has been deposited into the company’s bank account. Note that the money can be withdrawn after the TIC membership approval;
  4. If possible, check the company name with the Travel Agents Registry before company registration: +852 2807 1199;
  5. Leasing of an actual office in Hong Kong. While the company can do any business, the office can only operate the travel agency;
  6. If none of the directors have work permits to work in Hong Kong, the company must hire someone who can work legally here;
  7. Read the FAQs here:


December 26th, 2009


  • 2010/2/13 (星期六) - 2010/2/17 (星期三): 休息


星期一至星期五, 早上十時至下午六時

如有任何緊急事情, 請電郵我們, 或發短信至 +852 66128714


2010 Business Hours

December 26th, 2009

Chinese New Year Holidays:

  • 2010/2/13 (Saturday) -2010/2/17 (Wednesday): closed

Regular Hours:

Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 6:00pm

For emergency, please email us at, or SMS at +852 66128714


(更新) 商業登記費豁免一年

May 26th, 2009

更新日期 2009/6/25

香港政府將豁免由2009/8/1-2010/7/31之商業登記費一年. 新費用將由原來的HKD$2,450降低至HKD$450. 我們亦會降低我們香港公司註冊的收費. 新的套裝A費用是HKD $3,380, 而新的套裝B費用是HKD $4,280. 新收費的有效期為2009/8/1-2010/7/31

注意今年在八月前以HKD $2,450申請商業登記的公司, 下年可以以HKD$450更新商業登記. 例如如果在2009/6/25以$2,450申請商業登記,下一年2010/6/25可以以$450更新商業登記.


Hong Kong Company Apostilles

April 3rd, 2009

How to obtain apostilles for Hong Kong company incorporation documents?

You need to know precisely which documents you need to obtain the apostilles for because they are quite expensive (HKD $125 each page charged by the court. Also we need to obtain certified copies from the government). It will be cheaper if you just want the apostilles for the Certificate of Incorporation, and Business Registration.

The total cost for obtaining the apostille is HKD $1,000 (service fee) + court fee + governmental fee

For example, to obtain the apostilles for a complete set of Hong Kong incorporation documents (for a brand new company, not a shelf company), the cost will be (in HKD):

Form NC1 = $170 (certified copy) + 6*$125 (apostille fee, assuming there are 6 pages) = $920
Memorandum and Articles of Association = $170 + 8*$125 (apostille fee, assuming there are 8 pages) = $1,170
Certificate of Incorporation = $170 + $125 = $295
Business Registration = $50 + $125 = $175
Government and Court fees subtotal = $2,560

Our service fee = $1,000

Total: HKD $3,560 or USD $462

2009 - 2010 之商業登記費

March 3rd, 2009

*** (2009/6/25) - 這是舊聞. 請在這裡參閱2009/8/1-2010/7/31的收費:

根據香港稅務局網頁, 2009 - 2010 之商業登記費將回復到港幣$2,000:

因此, 我們的香港公司套裝A及套裝B的費用亦會在2009/4/1及以後增加港幣$2,000. 新的套裝A費用是 $5,380, 而新的套裝B費用是 $6,280. 在2009/4/1或已後成立的現成公司費用亦增加港幣$2,000

如果成立公司服務是在2009/4/1前訂購, 但公司是在2009/4/1或以後成立, 客人必需在申請商業登記證前多繳付 $2,000

香港政府正加緊推行刺激經濟措施, 請密切留意最新收費. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 - 2010 Business Registration fee

March 3rd, 2009

***(2009/6/25) - The information in this post is outdated. Please refer to this link about the 2009/8/1-2010/7/31 Business Registration fee:

According to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department web site, the Business Registration fee of year 2009 - 2010 will return to HKD $2,000:

Consequently, our Hong Kong incorporation fees for both Package A and Package B will increase by HKD $2,000 for the companies incorporated on or after April 1st, 2009. The new cost for Package A is HKD $5,380 (up from $3,380), for Package B is HKD $6,280 (up from $4,280). The cost for the pre-formed shelf companies incorporated on or after April 1st, 2009 will also increase by HKD $2,000 to HKD $6,500 (up from $4,500).

If the incorporation order is made before March 31st, 2009, but the company is formed after the date, an additional fee of HKD $2,000 will be requested before obtaining the Business Registration.

As the Hong Kong government is finding ways to boost the economy, please stay tuned for the latest fee information.

Duties of the Company Secretary

January 6th, 2009

As the company secretary of our companies, we can handle share and debenture tranfers, and will keep the records of the companies including the records of the members, debenture holders, charges, and directors and secretaries, and can deliver documents and file the Registrar including the annual return, return of allotments, and return of directors and company secretaries. However, there are individual fees for the services.


January 5th, 2009


  • 公司章程
  • 資產負債表, 由董事簽名核証
  • 損益表, 由董事簽名核証
  • 財務報表, 由專業會計師核証
  • 週年申報表

Share Transfer Documents

December 30th, 2008

Documents required for share transfer for company in business:

  1. Instrument of Transfer
  2. Bought Note / Sold Note
  3. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  4. Annual Return
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Management Account, certified by the director
  7. Profit and Loss Account, certified by the director
  8. Audited Account of the previous two years, certified by the director